Coming Summer 2017

Manage your entire inventory process, start to finish

If you have one office or fifty,* this is the inventory management solution you have been looking for! This cloud/web based program allows you to take back control of everything inventory related. Real time price comparison of products across multiple vendors. Let UPtracker optimize orders based on criteria you set, such as lowest price & max number of vendors. Manage your on-hand inventory to allow automated orders based on low stock levels! Unlimited users on unlimited devices including smart phones and tablets. Messaging system with alerts and sticky note reminders. Add on locations to cover all offices.*

“We would like to thank all of our loyal customers for their patience as this new product has been in development. As many of you know UPtracker is the sequel to FoxFales’ Office Inventory Ordering software program. We will be including many of the important features and functions you enjoy on the current system while introducing a completely new user interface allowing for a much more user-friendly and enjoyable experience. We have also added some amazing new features that you can read about below. We will be rewarding our loyal customers with special pricing until Jan 2019. As always, we are here for any question, suggestions or concerns you may have so please call us!”

UPtracker Lite

Available summer 2017
Additional office locations only $15 per location
Unlimited Users and devices

per month
  • Personalized & Master product database for easy shopping & comparing
  • UPtracker order optimization
  • Compare retail, negotiated & club pricing*
  • Custom Reports
  • Email Purchase Orders
  • Secure cloud hosting
  • Backorder , return and exchange order tracking
  • “Use” tax tracking
  • Order, receive and invoice matching
  • Automated quote requests
  • Alerts & messaging
  • User forum – info sharing
  • MSDS tracking
  • Custom or suggested categories, departments and COA’s

UPtracker Pro

Available fall 2017
Additional office locations only $15 per location
Unlimited Users and devices

per month
  • All features from lite PLUS
  • Perpetual inventory: real-time on-hand tracking
  • Low level warnings with auto order conversion
  • Allocate stock – pending appointment
  • Overstock tracking
  • Inter-office transfers
  • Asset /Equipment repair & warranty management system
  • Advanced analytics
  • Product barcode scanning via smart phone or tablet with instant update
Order, Receive & reconcile

Shop, order and track products in one place so you can manage what you ordered & reconcile invoices.

Track & Manage Inventory

Scan a product UPC barcode to transfer to a different location, add to order, subtract from inventory, and more.

Custom Reporting

Always know where you stand and how to make improvements to optimize time and savings.

Screen Shots

UPtracker (formally known as UPtracker (Office Inventory Ordering)) is a comprehensive solution to all of your inventory management needs. To see how you can save time and money watch this short video! If you would like a more in depth tutorial please email us HERE.

UPtracker (Office Inventory Ordering) Pro / Cloud / Desktop

UPtracker, the newest version of Up Inc’ & FoxFales’ inventory program, is the comprehensive way to manage your inventory. UPtracker now includes over 125 reports, appliance tracking, barcoding, cloud cost comparison forum and much more. It’s the ultimate in inventory control.

Features of Office Inventory Pro include:

Manage all inventory aspects – have checks and balances through the whole inventory process to make sure you are catching mistakes and reducing costs while saving time!

Email Purchase Orders – program automatically generates a PDF purchase order attached to an email sent directly through UPtracker

Receive orders –make sure that what you ordered is what you receive all organized in one place. We don’t care about what’s on the packing slip…we want to verify that what we received is what we actually ordered. If not that should be addressed with the supplier!

Match invoices to UPtracker data – by running the bookkeepers cost report you can quickly catch invoicing mistakes when you are not charge the correct amount for supplies. We had an office catch a $100,000 mistake!

Email quotes to multiple suppliers to get competitive pricing. Use our easy quote report or pick and chose which supplies you want quoted. Send to multiple suppliers, tell them you are having several companies bid and you will pick the winning supplier! What a money saver!

Easy price comparison forum – compare prices anonymously with hundreds of other doctors. This is the perfect tool for staff to see what other offices say they pay for same or similar products. While the information is only a forum and not guaranteed or verified by Up Inc, it does help staff to see a range of prices and where offices get certain types of supplies. Most offices are able to save lots of money simply by utilizing the forum to research where to get supplies from and what sort of a range the supply costs for others.

Track all orders including back orders, discounts and coupon orders!

Multiple office capabilities* – track all offices of all sizes to know your true costs per office.

Utilize barcode scanner for fast ordering, inter-office transfers, or to reduce inventory levels barcode scanner.

Customizable Reporting

  • Know what your buying power is by knowing exactly how much you will use in a year of a particular supply!
  • Do you know what total percentage of gross income you office spends in Office, Clinic, Marketing and Lab supplies? You should! Office who use UPtracker well are between 5-8% of gross income for clinic spending . Most offices between 10-15% and they have no idea how to reduce that number!
  • Take things one step further and see what supplies are costing you in each category to see where the money is going and make real time decisions on how to reduce costs by seeing red flags quickly and easily!
  • Projected budget reports show you if you are track and how much you are projected to spend for the year!
  • Over 125 reports!

Secure Cloud Housing &Backups – Rest easy knowing your data and information is all secure and backed up on the cloud!

Automatic FREE Updates with subscription

Low level supply warning – with real time running numbers of all stock levels so you can see exactly what you have on hand and what it is all worth! This advanced feature, called perpetual inventory, comes standard with your subscription.

Import and customize your database – put as many supplies and suppliers as you would like in the program. You own your database and the info!

Asset & Equipment Repair Tracking – track all assets from hand pieces to computers to clinic chairs. Know exactly when a warranty ends and have the original receipt attached as a PDF for easy reference.

OSHA and MSDS linked info to appropriate supplies. Have all the needed safety info at your fingertips

Use Tax Tracking – If a supplier does not have a physical presence in a state they are not required to charge state or county sales tax to you, HOWEVER, you could still be responsible to pay this tax! Know exactly how much you owe on tax on with the click of a button. It is your responsibility to know how much you owe and pay this amount regularly. (Speak with your accountant for specific details in your area – the IRS is cracking down on many health related offices for use tax)

Product Reviews

“My supply overhead went from 16% to less than 10%! What a savings! It’s a great program.”

— Dr. Greg Jorgensen, Rio Rancho, NM

“The Office Inventory Ordering (UPtracker) program is amazing! It has totally transformed our ordering process and inventory control and ultimately has reduced cost. We originally bought the program 7 years ago, but never used it because we did not know how. Two years ago we had Sandy Sandmeyer, a consultant who works for FoxFales (now UpInc) and specializes in training with the UPtracker program, come to our office and spend two days with our clinical coordinator teaching her how to use the program. This has made all of the difference for us in using it. I get detailed reports every month on our inventory and supplies cost. You can also use the program to send bids out to your suppliers to see who will give you the best price. (this obviously doesn’t work with Damon!) The power of the program is endless if you know how to use it properly. I would strongly recommend bringing in Sandy to help you with your inventory, as she has direct knowledge of the UPtracker program and how to maximize it. You can reach Up Inc and FoxFales at 941-480-9440 or at”

__Dr Rick Molen, Auburn, WA

I have also been using UPtracker for many years and could not do without it. We used it to print a list of all of our supplies and gave it to 4 companies to bid. I told all of them we were giving this out and for them to give me their best price and fix the cost of the different supplies for a year. My staff met with the reps and they liked one rep over another, so that company ended up matching the lowest bidder.

__Dr Hilton Goldreich, Plano, TX

“I just wanted to let you know how much I like using UPtracker Pro. It saves me so much time…Thank you for designing this program.”

— Kristina L. Webster, office of Dr. Kambitz Moin, Manchester, NH

“I have really praised your program. Last week I presented UPtracker (Office Inventory Ordering) to 70 orthodontists.”

— Dr. Dan Peavy, San Antonio, TX

“For ordering supplies in our office I could not survive without UPtracker. It keeps track of everything I order and gives the doctor a report on my spending.”

— Jean Davis, office of Dr. Jesse Ehrlich, Venice, FL

“I use UPtracker (Office Inventory Ordering) to order all my supplies online.”

— Dr. Robert Haeger