UPtracker (Office Inventory Ordering) is amazing! It has totally transformed our ordering process and inventory control and ultimately has reduced cost. We originally bought the program 7 years ago, but never used it because we did not know how. Two years ago we had Sandy Sandmeyer, a consultant who works for Fox Fales and specializes in training with the OIO program, come to our office and spend two days with our clinical coordinator teaching her how to use the program. This has made all of the difference for us in using it. I get detailed reports every month on our inventory and supplies cost. You can also use the program to send bids out to your suppliers to see who will give you the best price. (this obviously doesn’t work with Damon!) The power of the program is endless if you know how to use it properly. I would strongly recommend bringing in Kira to help you with your inventory, as she has direct knowledge of the OIO program and how to maximize it. You can reach Kira at 941-480-9440. “

-Dr Rick Molen, Auburn, WA

I have also been using OIO for many years and could not do without it. We used it to print a list of all of our supplies and gave it to 4 companies to bid. I told all of them we were giving this out and for them to give me their best price and fix the cost of the different supplies for a year. My staff met with the reps and they liked one rep over another, so that company ended up matching the lowest bidder.

-Dr Hilton Goldreich, Plano, TX

“My supply overhead went from 16% to less than 10%! What a savings! It’s a great program.”

-Dr. Greg Jorgensen, Rio Rancho, NM

“I just wanted to let you know how much I like useing OIO Pro. It saves me so much time… Thank you for designing this program.”

-Kristina L Webster, office of Dr. Kambitz Moin, Manchester, NH

“I have really praised your program. Last week I presented UPtracker (Office Inventory Ordering) to 70 orthodontists.”

-Dr. Dan Peavy, San Antonio, TX

“For ordering supplies in our office I could not survive without OIO. It keeps track of everything I order and gives the doctor a report on my spending.”

-Jean Davis of Dr. Jesse Ehrlich Venice, FL

“I use UPtracker (Office Inventory Ordering) to order all my supplies online.”

-Dr. Robert Haeger, Kent, WA

“We love our new software. It has been very beneficial to our office. Thanks for everything and we look forward to doing more business with you in the future.”

-Tai Steenbergen of Dr. Mark Johnston Marietta, GA