Inventory control is a fine balance between many variables. The UPtracker/Office Inventory Ordering program is user friendly when staff have the time to learn it but I recognize that the program, as well as the control of inventory, can be overwhelming. There is much more to fully understanding and managing your inventory. After all, it is a huge part of the business overhead and the proper inventory system can save a practice a lot of money every year. UPtracker/Office Inventory Ordering is a great tool that as a consultant I utilize because it has so many features that allow for a certain degree of customization which can become confusing and push staff away from fully utilizing the program. On top of learning the program, offices are usually forced to take a long hard look at their current inventory system and make some hard decisions about how they want and need things to be structured. That is where I come in. I can cover everything from UPtracker/Office Inventory Ordering training all the way to a fully customized strategic inventory plan developed for your specific office. Read more about the options.



Usually I do not offer a one day training unless the office is already using UPtracker/Office Inventory Ordering and is proficient in at least the basics but wants to learn the more advanced functions. I also do one day re-visits for those offices who want to do a re-cap to review how well UPtracker/Office Inventory Ordering is working, what the numbers mean now that we have a tracking system in place and what the next steps are to further improve.



If you feel that your office would benefit from consulting services but does not need someone in person we can work out a schedule for distance learning through video chat, where I log on with staff and show them the entire program similarly to the 2 day option. This can be done over a period of time or condensed into a 1 or 2 day period if only select learning is required.



It is important to note that implementation of an inventory control system is just the first step to managing inventory and ultimately lowering costs. Once your staff fully commits to the new system it is important to track your data and take action based on the findings.

Monthly, quarterly, or yearly I work with staff over the phone and through logging on together to pull data and analyze, with staff, what is working well, what needs improvement and areas they could save more money, through sending out quotes, items that are overstocked/understocked and overall better inventory control.

Consulting Breakdown

2 Day Training ($1500 PER DAY PLUS EXPENSES)

For those offices who would like help with understanding all that UPtracker/Office Inventory Ordering has to offer and to learn the program from top to bottom, I offer a 2 day training. Two days are required to allow staff the opportunity to digest the wealth of information thrown at them and to ask follow up questions after “sleeping on it”. The training is broken up into lessons and hands on activities over a two day period.

  • Data Import – work with staff before arrival to get database as “clean” as possible
  • Identify the goals for your office to better align UPtracker/Office Inventory Ordering customization (What works what doesn’t and how can we use UPtracker/Office Inventory Ordering to make it better)
  • Teach entire program (for complete list of everything taught please request a full list)
    • Hands on learning using your real orders and receivables for staff to better learn and retain important information
    • Using barcode scanner
    • Running reports – I will help your staff organize all data so that it is working correctly to produce all reports.
    • I will sit down with the Doctor to determine which reports are most important for him or her to see on a regular basis and implement a system for staff to consistently produce such reports.
    • How to set preferences and change them when needed
    • Send quotes to vendors to price shop — save money in shipping and bottom dollar costs!
    • Understanding categories, edit/fill and other important tricks/short cuts!
    • Perpetual vs. Non-Perpetual- discussion of the difference and what is means for your office (see explanation f perpetual inventory below)
    • Plus much much more (please request a full detailed list if you want further detail)

3 Day Training ($1500 PER DAY PLUS EXPENSES)

You get everything included in the 2 Day Training however, if you are interested in pursuing “Perpetual Inventory” the 3rd day allows time for the following:

  • I will work with staff determine the optimal strategic plan to incorporate and fully utilize UPtracker/Office Inventory Ordering in your office by looking at how things are currently run and make suggestions on how we can improve them. My recommendations will be summarized for staff to implement after I depart.
  • If perpetual inventory is part of the strategic plan I will train staff how to do a full stock take of all inventory and prepare them for the crucial steps to having a successful perpetual system.
  • ***Please note 3 days is not enough to actually put the system in place, but rather, suggest how staff go about accomplishing goals with next steps and tips. I must have a 3rd day if you require perpetual inventory training.***

This option is for the office that wants it all up and running by the time I leave. There is tremendous value in having me set up, train and enforce the new system in person. It eliminates excuses about not having time or not knowing where to start or how to finish the job needed for the individualized strategic plan including perpetual inventory. Most staff tell me they probably could have put the plan into action but it would have taken weeks if not months without my help and guidance.

5 Day Training

Full customized Strategic plan($1500 PER DAY PLUS EXPENSES)

  • Entire office inventory organization and clean out of all unnecessary/obsolete items
  • Floor inventory vs. UPtracker/Office Inventory Ordering/Back stock inventory – what are the challenges and how will the program (especially perpetual inventory) be implemented to work for you office

Your Future

Having UPtracker/Office Inventory Ordering running on all cylinders and a plan for your office’s future inventory control is an investment that most doctors see pay for itself within months! How much overstock do you have? Never lose a patient because you don’t have the “right” supply. Or, simply track your purchasing history to price shop quotes straight through UPtracker/Office Inventory Ordering. Empower staff to go dig deeper! Using UPtracker/Office Inventory Ordering properly is the first step and I use UPtracker/Office Inventory Ordering in just about every office I consult for as an aid to gaining full control of your inventory!


Days Cost
2 Days $3000
3 Days $4500


Kira is a passionate professional specializing in project management, sales business consulting and real estate. She attended the University of Queensland where she received her Masters Degree in Business Administration in 2009. She has studied how to listen, take direction, effectively communicate, direct and work with groups as well as how to excel in public speaking. Her training has been put to use in every aspect of her life, professionally and personally. Her career objective is to lead and motivate people to higher levels of performance by, while being intellectually challenged on a basis through working with new technologies and innovative approaches to doing business.